I thought it would be a good idea to write a blog about our body shape as this is getting a lot of attention in the media at the moment especially with the #JETLOVEYOURSELF campaign (http://www.jetonline.co.za/blog/why-we-love-jetloveyourself/) which features 8 women with very different shaped bodies from all walks of life. It is such a welcome change to see larger sized women as a focus in the media as opposed to always seeing the same model shape that we are constantly exposed to. I don’t know about you but I get seriously despondent sometimes when I look at my Instagram account as I follow the fashion weeks that happen all over the world and all I see are skinny chicks, everywhere! I am going to “unfollow” them for my own sanity very soon! We don’t live in a perfect world and if you are not part of the top 10 supermodels of the world that starve themselves then embrace your individuality and live your life.

Your body shape from Off The Rails Fashionista

Here are the lovely ladies. I follow Meg de Jong on Instagram (top right) from  Mind the Curves who has a large following of like minded women with regards to size.

This gave me the inspiration to look at our body shapes which incidentally is named after food, I mean really this only serves to make me hungrier and want to eat more!!

Your body shape from Off The Rails Fashionista

Some people believe that no matter how much weight you lose you can never change your shape, you may alter it slightly but never completely so the key here is to “accept” the way you are and learn to dress accordingly. Which body shape are you? Every shape has it’s pros and cons, take for example the apple shape who carries all their weight around their middle area but generally will have amazingly shaped legs, so this is what you want to show off. If you are not sure how to dress for your shape then contact Monique on 082 6192722 or myself on julie@offtherails.co.za to help you look the best that you can for your shape.

Info and pics from internet and Jet online.