The face behind the brand…

I started Off The Rails a good 13 years ago now. The brand stemmed from my desire to help women build confidence and self-esteem, which far too many of us lack, by helping them learn how to style and coordinate items. I essentially use fashion to help women take control of their self-confidence; what wonderful results I have seen over the years.

Before Off The Rails began, I worked at Foschini head office as a fashion buyer where I cut my teeth on fashion and learnt how to coordinate items from top to bottom. I loved my time there as we travelled abroad often, looking for the latest fashion trends that we could interpret for our customer base.

Who is Julie Ranzani? from Off The Rails Fashionista

Q&A with Julie

What quote do you live by? 
Life is too short for long stories! Basically, give me the short answer.

What is one of your biggest fashion faux-pas?
Not sure I have had any!

What one fashion item could you not live without?
Oh heavens! Only 1? Seriously?

Describe yourself in 3 words.
Confident, funny and direct.

What is most important when it comes to helping your clients?
Making them feel good about themselves.

What makes you excited about your work?
I love the creativity of all of the different aspects of my work.

What makes you feel confident?
Getting dressed in the morning and having my hair styled.

What is your favourite place you have visited?
Paris, I love Paris! Very cliché I know…

What is Julie doing when she’s not hard at work?
Dealing with 3 crazy children and a husband.

What grabs your eye when you are shopping?
I have a very keen eye for style and I know straight away what works and what doesn’t on a client. Call it innate style.

Yours in fashion,