‘What I am Wearing’ Series – Velour

For those of you ladies who are unfamiliar with velour, it is a plush woven fabric resembling velvet. I adore velour for its luxurious finish and delightfully soft texture. It’s also great for keeping warm in winter!

'What I am Wearing' Series - Velour from Offtherails


The gorgeous navy pleated skirt is from Poetry and is made of velour. As I already mentioned, it is a wonderful fabric for winter, as it retains heat. The luxurious feel of the fabric adds a touch of glamour to the outfit and I just adore how incredibly soft the material is, which makes it super comfy and irresistible to the touch!


The lovely leather boots from Queue Shoes beautifully pairs with the outfit. The knee length works perfectly with the length of the skirt allowing the outfit to maintain a gorgeous flow. I personally love leather because of its durability.


The beautiful chartreuse knit from Poetry adds a brilliant vibrancy to the outfit and creates a gorgeous contrast against the navy skirt.


The fabulous scarf is also from Poetry. It’s fun, playful and stands out against the rest of the outfit whilst not taking away from it.

'What I am Wearing' Series - Velour from Offtherails
'What I am Wearing' Series - Velour from Offtherails


The denim jacket is my own. It’s so easy to throw this classic over so many different outfits, even a velour skirt as I have done. It adds a casual touch and some extra warmth for winter. It is also a fantastic transitional piece.

A special thanks to Kelli from Zampelli Hair Studio for making my hair look fabulous and Tryna Knock from Sorme Cosmetics for making my make-up look flawless.

Yours in fashion,


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