‘What I am Wearing’ Series – Those In-Between Days

We can all feel the chill in the air as our days turn into winter. The sun rises later and sets earlier and we want to spend more time wrapped up in the warmth beneath our sheets. There’s no doubt that winter is becoming more present, however, we still have those warmer days in between and deciding what to wear on those days can be a challenge. Ladies, the outfit I’m featuring is just perfect for those ‘in-between’ days where there’s no over layering or not dressing warmly enough.

What I’m wearing for those ‘in-between’ days

‘What I am Wearing' Series – Those In-Between Days from Offtherails


The gorgeous Prince of Wales check jacket I’m featuring from Poetry is a fabulous piece to have in your wardrobe. The pattern is on trend and it’s a great neutral colour to pair with various other outfit options. A jacket like this suits all the seasons, as you can layer underneath when it gets chilly or remove it completely for those warmer days.


Slogan shirts are super trendy this season. The fabulous “All Woman” one I am wearing is from Foschini. It’s simple, chic and can be worn all year round.


The stylish jeans are from Shop Label. The ripped detailing on this pair gives it a casual feel and the loose fit will keep you cool on those ‘in-between’ days.

‘What I am Wearing' Series – Those In-Between Days from Offtherails
‘What I am Wearing' Series – Those In-Between Days from Offtherails

Bag & Earrings

The beautiful bag is from Flaunt, and who doesn’t love a bag that’s oversized? It’s perfect to fit in your jacket or scarf on those warmer ‘in-between’ days. The earrings, also from Flaunt, are a wonderful accessory to add some glamour to your outfit.


The lovely shoes from Queue Shoes tie the whole outfit together. They are a fantastic winter piece if you don’t want to wear boots, and perfect for weather that’s still slightly warmer but a bit too chilly for open shoes.

A special thanks to Kelli from Zampelli Hair Studio for making my hair look fabulous and Tryna Knock from Sorme Cosmetics for making my make-up look flawless.

Yours in fashion,


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