Winter is officially here ladies, which means it’s time to bring out those thick fluffy coats and puffer jackets, and start layering. However, dressing warmly doesn’t mean letting fashion go out the window. You can easily keep that crisp winter air out and look stylish at the same time, especially when you have a trendy puffer jacket like the one I’m wearing below.

'What I am Wearing' Series - The Puffer from Off The Rails Fashionista


The gorgeous puffer jacket from Flaunt is the ultimate winter piece for keeping warm. Its extra length will help you retain heat, you can easily pair it with various winter outfits, and it’s super durable which will last you many winter seasons to come.


The neutral Spanx leggings from Inner Secrets are a great item for your winter wardrobe. They are super comfy, give you great shape and are a fantastic alternative to jeans.


The lovely fur-lined boots with embroidery from Queue Shoes are super soft and cosy inside to keep your feet warm. A pair of these is a must for winter.

Fur Hat

Keeping your body warm isn’t the only necessity in winter. Investing in a fur hat like the one I’m wearing from Flaunt, will help you retain even more heat, whilst being a great accessory to enhance your outfit.


The wonderful high neck top from Flaunt is another essential winter piece for keeping out the cold. It’s a gorgeous item and beautifully complements the other neutral colours in the outfit.

'What I am Wearing' Series - The Puffer from Off The Rails Fashionista
'What I am Wearing' Series - The Puffer from Off The Rails Fashionista


Don’t forget that you can still accessorize in winter. The beautiful ring I’m featuring is from Free Range Jewels and adds a bit of glamour to the outfit.

A special thanks to Kelli from Zampelli Hair Studio for making my hair look fabulous and Tryna Knock from Sorme Cosmetics for making my make-up look flawless.

Photos by Abigail Klopper.

Yours in fashion,