‘What I am Wearing’ Series – Classic Black & White

The black and white combo – a classic. A colour combination that will likely never go out of fashion. The pairing is elegant, chic and sophisticated and can be worn beautifully in the winter and summer months for casual occasions or for more formal ones.

'What I am Wearing' Series – Classic Black & White from Offtherails
'What I am Wearing' Series – Classic Black & White from Offtherails


The coat with its gorgeous textured fabric is from Flaunt. The knit is soft to the touch and its extra length is perfect to fight off the winter chill. I just love the pop of contrast stitching, which adds some depth to an otherwise plain black material.


The black and white striped knit top is also from Flaunt. The striped combination is a classic and can be paired with bold colours, or in this case more black and white, which works stunningly as it picks up and stands out against the black and white elements in the rest of the outfit.

'What I am Wearing' Series – Classic Black & White from Offtherails


The Spanx faux leather leggings are from Inner Secrets. I adore Spanx for their shaping and comfort, and this pair works wonderfully with the rest of the outfit, as it allows the coat and top to stand out.


The sleek black Puma sneakers are from Footgear and give the outfit a casual touch. I’d say a pair of these in your winter wardrobe is a must, as they are versatile, durable and comfortable.

A special thanks to Kelli from Zampelli Hair Studio for making my hair look fabulous and Tryna Knock from Sorme Cosmetics for making my make-up look flawless.

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