I’m loving this warmer weather lately and it’s making me excited for when summer is in full swing. However, the thought of having to get into a bather soon leaves me cold with sweat!

Sun, Sarongs and Swimsuits from Off The Rails Fashionista

As a family we are going canoeing down the Orange River for a short break at the end of October and I am truly looking forward to proper hot weather and cool water dips. So, I took myself down to Storm in a G Cup in Claremont to look for something that will give me some coverage from the sun to protect my ageing skin and I found these two gorgeous blue pieces, which will do just the trick!

Sun, Sarongs and Swimsuits from Off The Rails Fashionista

This blue stripe full piece is very flattering and I especially like the fact that it comes up quite high in the front, protecting my chest from getting burnt as its going to be 40+ degrees on the river. One of the best items I discovered at Storm in a G Cup is this cobalt blue mesh wrap – the length is a winner! It can be tied in various different ways and offers the perfect amount of cover for your body.

The other great item, and very on trend when it comes to swimwear, is the ‘mock’ wetsuit look. This piece is in normal swimwear fabric but with long length sleeves, giving you maximum coverage from sun exposure and the zip adds detail and a hint of sexiness to the full piece. Pro trip: a spray tan goes along way when trying on swimwear ladies! I can highly recommend Ageless Faces for that perfect summer glow.

Sun, Sarongs and Swimsuits from Off The Rails Fashionista

This trip will be the perfect opportunity to use my Travel Whizz items (read my previous blog for details) so that I can pack my swimwear, sarongs and accessories into one bag, making it easy to access, and my flip flops in the shoe bag.

Sun, Sarongs and Swimsuits from Off The Rails Fashionista

Don’t forget how important accessories are especially as I am being exposed to the sun for long periods of time for a few days, so sunglasses are top of my packing list! In this case I am bringing two from Select Sunglasses, just in case one falls into the river (here’s to hoping we don’t tip out of the canoe down the rapids).

Ladies, if you are interested in trying on or purchasing any of the Select Sunglasses range, please contact me via email: julie@offtherails.co.za

A special thank you to Zampelli Hair Studio for making my hair look fabulous, Tegan Smith for the gorgeous photoshoot and Banksia Boutique hotel for providing the stunning location for this shoot!

Yours in fashion,