I had the privilege of styling the beautiful Carishma Basday, a well-known South African actress, at Tribute store in Cavendish Square. Here is how I took three looks and made her feel like the absolute ‘goddess’ she deserved while showing off her baby bump.

Styling Carishma Basday at Tribute Store from Off The Rails Fashionista

1. What have you found to be the most challenging part of dressing yourself during pregnancy? How has being pregnant effected your clothing choices? 

“Being pixie sized I am used to always accentuating my usually tiny waist to give my body definition and shape, with that gone out the window it’s been challenging to find pieces that hug my body in the right places and still give me a sexy shape”- Carishma Basday

After considering these facets, I decided to grab an off-white knitted dress from the rail, paired it with a skinny brown leather belt to help accentuate her waistline and finished it off with a pair of animal print-coloured sliders. This not only draws the eye to a shapely waist, but keeps accents such as her shoes noticeable for that boho-chic look.

2. What are the challenges that petite ladies face during their shopping experience (length of pants, tops, etc.?)  Did you gain any tips from Off The Rails regarding what to look out for and what to avoid?

“I think length and fit are the biggest challenges petite ladies face. When you have a tiny frame a garment has to fit you in all the right places to avoid looking sloppy and to avoid making you look shapeless or out of proportion. Julie also mentioned to always be mindful of not having two loose-fitting pieces, always fitted on the top and loose on the bottom, which I totally agree with.” – Carishma Basday

As Carishma mentioned, it is always important to bring out the best features in your body-type. In saying this both our eyes caught this beautiful Iconic evening dress, which had the perfect style and hugged all the right places – doesn’t she look oh-so-gorgeous?! A real striking outfit handcrafted by Tribute Store.

Styling Carishma Basday at Tribute Store from Off The Rails Fashionista
Styling Carishma Basday at Tribute Store from Off The Rails Fashionista

3. Animal print on print is quite a bold statement to wear, stepping out of your comfort zone was apparent during Julie’s styling – how did it feel to try something new? Did you feel comfortable in this look? Would you try this look again?

“This was definitely out of my comfort zone. I love prints but they can be intimidating. I loved that Julie encouraged me to try something new, sometimes you just need someone with the right expertise to nudge you in the right direction. I ended up loving the look and I definitely feel more comfortable experimenting with prints after chatting to Julie about it.” – Carishma Basday.

At Off The Rails we try to encourage all clientele to jump out of their ‘comfort zones’, which we tend to build up over decades of dressing the same and never allowing ourselves the opportunity to express alternative fashion directions. I am so proud of Carishma for trying animal print on print and opening her closet to looks she never dreamed of. It  was a pleasure working with such a bright-minded, open and friendly individual like Carishma Basday!

A special thanks to Zampelli Hair Studio for making our hair look fabulous,

La’eeqa from Cosmetix SA for making our make-up look flawless, and Tribute Store.

Yours in fashion,