Spotting a good sale is essential to building a wardrobe that makes any women stop in her tracks. Check out the tips and tricks below on how to catch these great deals!

Spot the Sale from Off The Rails Fashionista

Sales are a guilty pleasure most of us ladies can’t resist! No matter the time of year, we see sales in almost all of our retail stores such as Woolworths, Poetry and H&M. However, we need to be careful that we spend our pennies in the right places to make each one count. Rather spend on items that will last.

Here are my tricks and tips to focus on when indulging in a sale:

Set a budget: Ladies, we need to know how much of our hard-earned money we are willing to part with. With so many great deals on the rails, before we know it, we may have broken the bank in one season.

Spot the Sale from Off The Rails Fashionista
Spot the Sale from Off The Rails Fashionista

Find a rhythm: We all know how overwhelming it can get seeing rails on rails of clothes hanging in what seems to be a disorganised mess. Find a rhythm and work your way through each section.

Price and quality align: Make sure that the price does not fool you into buying a garment of lower quality. Rather leave the deal then regret the decision of purchase later. If you feel the garment was not worth it at full price – is it still worth it on sale?

Subscribe to newsletters: Get notified early about your favourite store’s upcoming sale and stay ahead of the curve. If you’re a loyal customer, you may even receive additional discount.

Remember to have fun ladies!

Yours in fashion,