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I recently came across a very novel concept called Save My Bag ( which has recently opened it’s first shop in the mother city. This bag concept started out as a way to “protect” a high quality, expensive designer bag like for eg. the famous “Birkin” bag. The idea originated in Italy by a woman named Valentina, very passionate about accessories who came up with the idea when attending a tea party outdoors and it started to rain and all the ladies attending were concerned about ruining there designer bags. Made out of Polylicra material (like wetsuit fabrics) it is elasticed, durable and rain resistant, she made it in vibrant colours and styles so once the who’s who saw them it expanded all over the world. I recently met Alessandra (CT shop) who attended my last summer presentation and I fell in love with them, now on my xmas and birthday wish list so friends and family out there take note!

Save My Bag from Offtherails

Save My Bag from OfftherailsSave My Bag from OfftherailsSave My Bag from Offtherails

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  1. Gill 4 November 2015 at 2:57 pm - Reply

    Love thelse bags☺

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