Winter is a fabulous time to get stylish in pyjamas, ladies!

Pyjama Party from Off The Rails Fashionista

Who doesn’t enjoy a good PJ set for winter? I know I do – they are comfy, cosy and now days even fashionable. Why shouldn’t we feel pretty whilst sleeping too?

Now that the sun sets earlier and we can feel the chilly bite in the air, I love hoping into my PJs early and lounging around. This is why I was so excited to create my What Women Want PJ set, ticking all these boxes. It was so popular, I’ve unfortunately completely sold out! The good news is that I have another print set arriving in about 2 weeks time.

Pyjama Party from Off The Rails Fashionista

Another brand I’m also in love with is Poppy Divine. They hit all the right points with their stunning and beautiful sleepwear! Their fabrics range from knit to woven, print to plain, full PJs and nighties, so there really is something for everyone.
I have already have a few of their items in my wardrobe, but recently received this gorgeous aubergine pair from their essential collection!

Pyjama Party from Off The Rails Fashionista

To complete any set of PJs, is a comfy pair of slippers! Keep those toes toasty and don’t wear out your socks. I recently purchased these stunning slippers from Breathe in Cape Town. They are a passion project inspired by nature’s recovery during lockdown when the planet was forced to slow down and take a deep breath.

These stunning handcrafted slippers are made from genuine leather with a snug 100% wool lining and an EVA rubber sole. Featured here are some of my favourites!

Poppy Divine is available to purchase online or if you are in Constantia VillageLinen and Glass, have a big selection of Poppy Divine to choose from! Here’s to more happy pyjama and slipper days.

Happy shopping ladies!

Yours in fashion,