Style any outfit with the daring approach of mixing and matching styles of floral, animal print or even colour clashed-patterns.

Prints on Prints from Off The Rails Fashionista

Ladies, I’m sure we can all agree that these are interesting and crazy times. In that same breathe however, I’m still excited to keep spreading positivity and to continue sharing riveting content to keep you up to date with your fashion fixes! Let’s keep our spirits high in these trying times and entertain ourselves with what’s happening out there in the fashion world.

By now I’m sure most of you have heard all about combining prints on prints; if you are still unsure about this trend but want to try it out, keep it in the same colour family – this makes it easier to combine various prints together.

As we move with the change of season, these summer days are cooling down with a swift chilly breeze in the air. It’s amazing just how quickly that happens, so now is a good time to start looking at layering options.

An easy go to look is this cute ditsy print ruched top (from Witchery) which is a fabulous way to bridge the seasons with its long balloon like sleeves. I’ve paired it with denims and gorgeous new print sneakers from Resonate.

Prints on Prints from Off The Rails Fashionista
Prints on Prints from Off The Rails Fashionista

This thin long length cardi from Country Road is another stunning alternative. It is a good basic colour that works well within my existing wardrobe as seen worn here with a white vest, an animal print skirt staple and a simple pair of white sneakers from Julz Shoes.

PS: the golden bag is from ‘Patina Bags’ – now available from my online store.

So, let’s start having some fun with fashion ladies!

Yours in fashion,