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There is a new “trend” that is emerging called Normcore, the reason I put trend in brackets is that it is actually an “anti trend”. What does this mean exactly, well it apparently started off with Jerry Seinfeld of all people by wearing high wasted jeans, white sneakers and a plain shirt or t shirt which was fashionable at the time. Since then fashionistas and designers have done everything to stand out from the crowd by drawing attention to themselves with wearing wild “out there” combinations which you see regularly in fashion magazines. So the new trend is to tone it down, keep it simple and not draw attention to oneself by wearing jeans or black pants, white shirt, plain t shirt, black blazer  and here in lyes the newness, the white “sneaker” to finish off the look. From Superga, converse or slip ons this is the way to go. Beware though this look is not for everyone and remember the models portrayed below are super skinny and sexy so anything will look good on them! Me, the jury is still out but I do like the simplicity sometimes especially over the w/ends. Remember you saw it here first! What do you think?

NORMCORE from Offtherails NORMCORE from Offtherails NORMCORE from Offtherails

NORMCORE from Offtherails NORMCORE from Offtherails NORMCORE from Offtherails

Pics off the internet.


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