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My daily make up routine

Now I am by no means a make-up fundi although I have been asked to do a few friends make-up for their 40th’s and a wedding but I thought I would share with you what my daily make-up routine is. After many years of buying and trying out different brands I have finally settled on a few of my favourite things! It literally takes me less than five minutes in the morning to apply and I don’t touch up during the day only in the evening if I am going out.

My daily make up routine from Offtherails

I recently discovered Heliocare which is a tinted SPF, now I am sure you are thinking “so what” but honestly I have tried a few of these and this by far trumps them all as it has a great cover if you are not looking to wear foundation and offers sun protection at the same time. The other 2 things I discovered of late is the “Blinc” range which is made in Germany and can only at the moment be bought at salons not over the counter. I bought the eye pencil and best of all the mascara, now the unusual thing about this mascara is that it is tubular, i.e. there is absolutely no smudging under eyes what so ever (my pet hate) and comes off easily in tube shapes leaving no under eye residual. When I am not doing false lashes this is my go to mascara. A very important thing for me is to hide the dark rings under my eyes and I use Smashbox concealor for this. I love my Benefit high beam highlighter which till quite recently was not available in SA but now is, thank goodness. I have used a brand called Trucco for years now as a blush and I love Nars which is defenitely not available in SA, yet! Remember brushes are very important in this process as well so don’t skimp on them. Last but not least is that you do need to care for your skin otherwise your make-up will not look good. I go for regular facials and now that I am getting older I have had to step up my beauty regime to include needling, laser and peels at least once a year! I do this with Michaela at Ohmm Face and Beauty ( and this is also where I buy my mascara from.

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