A few times when I am wearing something nice or different women will stop me and ask me where it is from, I often like to shop at pop up shops or fashion events as then you wont always find someone else in the same dress as you! One of these pop up’s is happening this Fri (see invite below for details). Justine Mallandrin of Jaipur Rose travels to India and London in search of just these special pieces, she only brings back a handful per style and colourway and she is very reasonably priced.¬† Justine has also opened up her own store in Hermanus called Mianez and has recently opened up a concept store at Pier Rabe Eclectic in the Palms Lifestyle Centre in Woodstock. So if you can’t make this Friday then you can pop in at either of the above from Mon – Fri 9-5 or Sat 9-2. I will pop in on Friday to do some more shopping! PS: For those ladies that came to the summer fashion talk in September might recall me mentioning her then as I used some of her merchandise.

Mianez from Offtherails

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