Hello lovely ladies. As you may already be aware, my Johannesburg winter fashion trends event took place last week at the Bryanston Country Club. It was the first time I brought one of my events to Joburg and it turned out to be a wonderful fashion filled evening.

I had the pleasure of meeting and spending some time with former Mrs South Africa, Sarah-Kate Seaward, and what a wonderful inspirational woman she is. She contributed a lovely talk to the evening, which had women both captivated and laughing in their seats.

Kelli Zampelli from Zampelli Hair Studio and Tryna Knock from Sorme Cosmetics also contributed some brilliant, informative talks about hair care and make-up that gave the audience some great take away information.

It was fabulous having Elle, Fragrance Fantastica, Blink & Co and Sorme Cosmetics as vendors at my event. They had some amazing products on offer that everyone seemed to love.

It was fabulous to meet the wonderful women who attended my event and I received some fantastic feedback. It’s always great to know what you ladies think of my events so I can keep doing more of what you enjoy and improve for the next one.

If you’d like to relive some of the memories watch a video of the evening’s festivities below and get a sneak peek of what happened behind the scenes.

I love what I do and I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Joburg. I can’t wait to be back in the near future for the next one!

Looking back at my Jo'burg Winter Fashion Event from Off The Rails Fashionista

Yours in fashion,