We only have one skin and the environment can take its toll on it.  Give your skin that TLC it needs.

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Ladies, I’m sure if you’ve watched my recent FEEL WELL talk with Michaela from Ohmm on Instagram for my LIVE WELL series, you’ll know the importance of looking after your skin. Here are a few of my skin routine secrets. Read more to also find out about a fabulous special offer.

I have been going to see Michaela at Ohmm now for a number of years. I am sure many of you are aware by now that as we get older we start to lose essential collagen which is the foundation for making our skin look plumper and younger.

Get that Rejuvenating Glow! from Off The Rails Fashionista

So what do we do? One of the treatments that has genuinely stood the test of time is Derma Needling (there seem to be a few manes and variations on this). Basically what happens is the therapist uses a needling machine to lightly puncture the dermal layer of your skin, causing it to distress which in turn sends fresh collagen to that surface area to rectify it and therefore creating plumpness and new skin to form.

Get that Rejuvenating Glow! from Off The Rails Fashionista

Although some women do find this uncomfortable at first, Michaela puts a medical grade numbing cream on your skin before the procedure. I have been doing this treatment for years now and land up doing it 3-4 times a year (so once every 3 months is sufficient). I coupled this treatment with an Ultrasound-based Facial. It’s a high-tech facial that helps penetrate products deep in to the Dermal layers and rebuilds the skin from within.

Over and above this I maintain my skin with glycolic peels and red light treatment. I know this might sound like a lot but if you are looking to age gracefully then your skin like everything else in life requires maintenance!

Get that Rejuvenating Glow! from Off The Rails Fashionista

I am grateful to be in the talented and capable hands of Michaela, helping me look after my skin and I would love to share in these benefits with you ladies.
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