A common problem I have come to see many times over is when women open their wardrobes in the morning, and even though they may have many items of clothing and accessories, they say “I don’t know what to wear!” This often stems from the fact that they have far too many ‘high street fashion’ pieces in their wardrobe and not enough basics to team these pieces with.

Combining clashing prints is a huge trend at the moment, however, not everyone can pull off this look, or even want to. You should, therefore, make sure that you have some basics that you can wear with your high street fashion pieces. For instance, a great white, black or navy top that you can pair with printed pants or a skirt. Likewise, a classic pair of jeans that you can combine with a printed or bright plain top.

The below items are some basics I own, all of which are great pieces to pair with your high street fashion items. These items even make a great basic outfit if worn together!

Common wardrobe problems from Off The Rails Fashionista

Another common phrase I’ve heard is “my wardrobe is so boring”. That’s likely a result of having too many basic pieces in your wardrobe, as many women like to keep their style ‘safe’. You do, however, tend to get bored after a while, as your look ends up being similar every day. In order to avoid this conundrum give me a call and I’ll advise you on how to mix and match.

Yours in fashion,