The perfect item your closet needs this winter season is none other than a pair of good ol’ crème coloured pants. This classic piece brings together most looks and allows for a simplistic neutral palette that you can build your fabulous outfits around.

Closet Classics from Off The Rails Fashionista

Winter in my life tends to be full of dark-shades ranging from blacks, greys and browns. However, I thought to spice things up a little and invest in a lighter palette bottom, which is not always practical but is still very chic! Here are 3 different ways I have styled these Witchery crème coloured pants using existing items in my wardrobe. I purchased these just before lockdown and the pants are still available online. The first look explores the theme a pop of colour with a casual pink T by ME&EM (overseas), zip-thru jacket by Aldomartins & Colourbox and shoes were purchased overseas.

Most of these items I have had for a number of years now, but it just goes to show how one new item can bring a whole new life and look into your existing wardrobe. The second look is a little more simplistic; a floral blouse is paired with dark green loafers (both purchased overseas) to tie in the look. Pro-tip: this mix-match of top and shoes are quite different, but it’s the ochre colour in both of these garments that make it a great combination! Some outfits do the talking without extra bits and bobs.

Closet Classics from Off The Rails Fashionista
Closet Classics from Off The Rails Fashionista

Lastly, the final look exudes a feeling of sipping a sundowner in the bush. These pants are paired with a khaki top and a slightly darker khaki jacket from Zara (a repeated style every year making it a good investment) and is pulled together with animal print loafers from House of Cinnamon.

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