Looking Trendy in Active Wear

My motto in life is if you are going to get dressed in the morning you may as well do it stylishly! So I carry this through to all of my outfit choices; even into my active wear. I gym twice a week and do a weekly pilates class, so I like to make sure that I still look trendy. The days of wearing cropped tops exposing my belly are long gone but that doesn’t mean you can’t look good in your gym gear!

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‘What I am Wearing’ Winter 2019 Edition – Taking the Animal out of the Kruger

I am sure by now most of you will have seen all of the animal print items on offer in stores; it genuinely feels like I am in the Kruger Park! If animal print isn’t necessarily your thing in clothing, remember you can always bring it into your accessories such as in scarves, bags, shoes or even earrings. Also, remember that a classic coloured animal print item will never go out of fashion, giving you value for years to come.

Common wardrobe problems

Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear? Or are you just tired of wearing the same old things the same way? Get in touch with me and let's work some magic on that wardrobe. Add a few classics and your mix-and-match wardrobe should be ready to go!

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