A Blast from the Past

This entry is a throwback to a few years ago where I was asked by Glamour Magazine Online to send through some images of a day in the life of a fashionista! It’s so funny to look back and see how fashion and style have either changed or, in fact, stayed more or less the same.

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A Day at Willowbridge

Even though Willowbridge is not my usual shopping destination, it’s definitely high up on my list of places to go when I do visit the Northern Suburbs. I just love the outdoor cosmopolitan feel of the centre and the individual stylish boutiques that you’ll find there.

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Fashion Favourites for Winter

I’m sure most of you have those select few outfits that you just love to wear for a particular season. The below looks have been some of my favourite items I have enjoyed wearing so far this winter, which means I have worn them more than once!

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